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Helping You Navigate the State of Change

The only thing constant in today's high-tech, high-priority world is change. Your business and personal accounting needs are ever changing in the areas of financial opportunity, income taxes, and payroll.

Universal Healthcare, IRS Audits, financial and regulatory audits, new bank regulations, and covenants are all areas within our expertise.

The certified public accountants and financial professionals at McBeath, Fates, & Ivers, P.C. are committed to providing you with efficient, personal service; relevant, reliable information; and effective, innovative solutions that keep pace with your changing needs. Our CPA firm is here to help you manage financial priorities, make the most of new opportunities, and maximize your growth potential.

We encourage you to contact us with any financial, tax, or accounting related questions you may have or utilize the resources we have available to you on our website. McBeath, Fates, & Ivers, P.C., is available via email or telephone. We look forward to helping you navigate the state of change.

Important Information for Filing Your 2017 Taxes

Prior to engaging with our team of accountants, we have developed some checklists and forms that will help guide you and our team through gathering the information needed to file your 2017 taxes. You can find these documents on our Client Forms Page.